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Urban Design

Land Use & Public Policy

Urban Concepts provides a full spectrum of services involved in land use planning for both the public and private sectors. Urban Concepts provide the analysis, planning, mitigation and documentation necessary for an informed and unbiased public debate. Urban Concepts is attuned to the issues affecting land use at all jurisdictional levels to provide clients with the best possible advice.

Local and State Regulation

Urban Concepts regularly interfaces with public policy makers at the local, State and Federal level in order to maintain a working knowledge of issues and interpretations in the ever changing regulatory environment. Mr. Christopher has directly participated, as a decision maker and author, in many public policy debates, ranging from Design Review to Mass Transit and Affordable Housing.

Legislation & Ballot Initiatives

Issues affecting local land use are often debated at the State level and, increasingly, at the ballot box by direct initiative. Mr. Christopher has a long record of involvement in both arenas, allowing Urban Concepts to share a detailed knowledge of the implications of proposed legislation or pending initiatives with its clients.