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Programming is the initial phase in determining the physical needs of the client in three dimensional, spacial terms. Urban Concepts can provide a complete programming service, including interviews with staff and management to determine future space requirements. The resulting Building or Project Program will guide the subsequent development of a project.

Family Golf Center
Family Golf Center


Successful masterplanning involves the innovative interpretation of the program elements of a project into a three dimensional model, integrating the physical constraints of the site with the functional needs of the users. Masterplans must also resolve issues regarding use of land, code restrictions, building bulk, parking and circulation, both on and off-site. Urban Concepts provides experienced planners familiar with many techniques for devising the optimal land use patterns for given properties.

Plan documents developed by Urban Concepts identify all adjacent land uses, potential conflicts and mitigating solutions, a comparison of the development capacity against the program needs and an assessment of the entitlement issues present.

Consulting Disciplines:

Successful masterplanning exercises involve the participation and coordination of a number of consulting disciplines with specialized knowledge of the components of the plan including:

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Utility Consultants
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering

These consulting disciplines are available through the Urban Concepts Team, building on years of shared working experience in a variety of circumstances around the world.

Space Planning

Space Planning provides an optimal layout of the program needs of the user, as they relate to the available floor space and to the desired placement of departments and key personnel. Space Planning is also a study in the adjacency of specified task areas and work flow throughout a given facility. Space layouts also provide an opportunity to evaluate the advantages of alternative office and equipment layouts, in open office or partitioned configurations. The use of furniture system components can also be weighed.