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Paseo de las Rosas
Paseo de las Rosas

As society becomes more ethnically diverse and dense, with population shifts to away from rural settings toward urban locations, the public and private spaces between physical structures becomes more and more critical to the successful operation of the built environment. Both the private sector and public agencies are becoming aware of the significance of the relationship between individual projects and the over all fabric of the city and the region. Urban Concepts offers services to both public and private entities to develop innovative solutions to the relationships between building volume, public and private space, pedestrian and vehicular interaction.

MCA/Universal Studios Masterplan
MCA/Universal Studios Masterplan

Urban Concepts also recognizes that public participation in land use decision making is a critical element in its ultimate success or failure. Urban Concepts is an advocate of a well structured public role in the process. Urban Concepts believes that when Urban Design concerns are integrated into that process the resulting decisions benefit both the public and private sectors by providing a three dimensional product, dealing with streetscape and signage issues, that the community at large can envision, that the decision makers can evaluate in visual terms, and that enhances its context rather than competes against it. Toward that end, Mr. Christopher and Urban Concepts have been involved in a number of Urban Design and Design Review issues recently:

  • Specific Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Model Ordinances
  • Design Standards