Hollywood Beach

Welcome, to an exploration of Hollywood Beach in Hollywood, Florida.  Urban Concepts has, with the aid of grant funding, conducted a research survey of the Beach documenting the pattern of it's buildout , based, in part, on past planning efforts and a physical investigation of the Beach's unique characteristics



Our efforts have resulted in some conclusions about the fabric of the Beach and some recommendations regarding an alternative design proposal for the Casino SiteOur Goal, among other things, is to attempt to identify historic resources, including clusters of buildings that promote the historic fabric of the beach, and to provide design guidelines for infill development of vacant and underutilized property on the beach.  We believe redeveloping and strengthening, rather than eroding, the ambiance of Hollywood Beach will have the added economic benefit of increasing property values throughout Hollywood and continuing to attract a quality base of tourism.

The Beach

Hollywood Beach was first developed by Joseph Wesley Young in the early 1920's, providing the historical setting for our investigation.   Mr. Young's Grand Vision for Hollywood and the Beach also set the foundation the key characteristics of the Beach which are still relevant today, including the accessible and public nature of large segments of the Hollywood beachfront, the vibrant mix of social and cultural elements and the widely differing character inherent to each of the Beach's distinct communities.

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This web site was made possible through the efforts of Urban Concepts staff members Leslie Lombard, Joseph Kapkarian, Maritza Pzrekop and John Lee.  David Schwartz of the Management Consortium and Mark Dayman of DLG, contributed the financial analysis.  We also thank the residents and stakeholders of Hollywood Beach, who contributed their thoughts, assistance and advice.

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