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Our analysts will conduct an off-site review of available materials to determine the zoning classification; code restrictions such as height, setback, parking and density, along with a list of permitted uses; and provide a standardized compliance report on Urban Concepts letterhead outlining the publicly available information, in a format approved by the lender. It will include copies of the necessary code sections and Certificates of Occupancy, along with statements from the local agencies regarding open building and zoning code violations.

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Based on over thirty years of expperience in the field, Urban Concepts provides Zoning Reports for a wide range of property types across North America, including residential complexes, hotels, retail centers, office complexes, industrial sites and raw land.  Our experienced analysts are familiar with planning, zoning and other regulatory guidelines in all fifty sates, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Our Zoning Reports provide our clients with a definitive first look at the basic land uses allowed on a particular property and the local regulatory envelope that may limit the further use of the site.