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In any location, the neighborhood context of a project is an essential element of the process. Local community groups, through the political process, at times take on the role of surrogate clients.

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Every project today, whether emanating from the public or private sector, must acknowledge the community around it. Urban Concepts has been a pioneer in Community Relations for many years, reaching out to the neighborhood on behalf of both public and private clients. The attempt to involve community interests early in a project, in a structured role, intends to avoid time consuming and costly delays later in the process when an antagonistic local interest can disrupt the process in a significant number of ways. Our experience has been that early participation regularly pays off in terms of community support and genuine interest in the success of a project.

Mr. Christopher has a long history of community involvement that has culminated in his tenure as Past President and member of the Los Angeles Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, responsible for establishing a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils. The establishment of Neighborhood Councils and an overarching Citywide Alliance provides a forum which enables over 80 community groups from across the City of Los Angeles to discuss issues affecting Citywide policy questions. Drawing on that background, Urban Concepts is in direct contact with local and neighborhood concerns in a variety of jurisdictions across the country.

Urban Concepts provides services in this area relating to the following activities:

  • Community Participation
  • Workshops
  • Dispute Resolution